Term and Condition Of Service

Detail Maintenance
I.          Survey and chek all condition underwater of ship with photo and video
II.         Clearning
III.         Provision of protective rust on the part of the experience with anti-rust coating similar special underwater paint
IV.        Final Cheking and working with the news of the handover ceremony of handover of work completed.

This work we are doing with each involving 6 divers with diver / technician has the skills each with quality work that led directly experienced by Mr. Agus / Putra. As a collateral result of good jobs, we worked very systematic  with the equipment that we always use in every treatment under the sea. Treatment hull below the water enough to have a high safety risk then, we have worked very disciplined to keep producing quality work. For areas or parts of the ship below the water that had rusted, we will clean up and then we give the anti-corrosion protection for the part can not get rusty. We work under the water will adjust to the condition of the ship is being loaded, so as not to interfere with activities or events and unloading ships.

5. Time of work team
Star I                                      : 08.00 WITA
Break lunch                             : 11.00 WITA

Star II                                      : 14.00 WITA
欧美三级 Finish                                      : 16.30 WITA

6. Equiment & System savety for team work
Dive equipment
Compressor Refile Tank Oqsigen                                
Under water Tools                             
Maintenance system Tools
Engine hight Compres for clearning hull
Under water protecting Paint
Camera hoto and Video Under Water.     
Rescue Equipment
Insurance team

7. Team                            
Engineer underwater                                  
Technical dive                   
Boat Man                           

8.       Price                        : price on request by email or call me (Price include transport, delivery equipment, insurance, accommodation)
9.   Payment system      : Downpayment 50% before work progress starting, and 50% after finish work

10.   Reporting of progress maintenance: We provide a written report with video and still images before and after work is completed.


  • Zone 1 ; Sulawesi Area
  • Zone 2 : Other area at Indonesia
  • Zone 3 : Auther Countrysouth  asia, Ustralia
  • Zone 4 : Western, africa, arabia, ASIA

For all iteme price by zone please call or direct email to us.....